Blue Thumb Winter Macroinvertebrate Collections

Hello Tulsa area Blue Thumb volunteers! It is time for winter collections of Macroinvertebrate!  These are the tiny creatures, many are larval insects, that reside in the stream.  If your stream is flowing, we will make this collection.  Please meet at the time slated in the schedule below.  If you have waders, bring them.  We will have some waders available for you to borrow.

A short quality assurance session will take place at your stream.  Please have with you the items you would use at the stream if you were doing your monthly monitoring.  Now please be at the stream at the time slated below.  We will meet you there and activities will begin.  Please keep in mind we are doing field work.  We will try very hard NOT to be running late.  You try to be on time as well please.  If you need supplies or reagents, now is the time for you to get them from Blue Thumb staff members.