Meet Our Staff

Tulsa County Conservation District

Gabriael Parker

District Secretary

The District Secretary provides a variety of office functions including outreach activities. Due to recent state budget cutbacks, the conservation districts have been left to provide more community outreach with very little staff. Tulsa is no exception. Tulsa’s District Secretary not only ensures proper function of the office, but also has lo serve as the Outreach Coordinator, District Manager, as well as the contact person between different agencies inside and out.

Natural Resources Conservation Service Tulsa Field Office Staff

Christopher Best

Team 17 District Conservationist

The District Conservationist is the local NRCS representative assigned lo assist land users with the implementation of USDA programs in Team 17. Team 17 consists of 6 counties. Those counties are Tulsa, Mayes, Rogers, Wagoner, Okmulgee, and Muskogee.  Some of the others duties in Team 17  include providing county soils information to farmers, ranchers, homeowners, developers, engineers, builders, tribes and units of governments. Also, developing conservation plans, providing land users with conservation planning and technical assistance, assisting with the development of outdoor classrooms, stabilizing eroded areas around bridges and county roads after heavy rainfall events, planning and conducting Urban Erosion and Sediment Control Workshops; working with land users on implementing “Backyard Conservation” practices; and administering the Earth Team volunteer program.