Resource Management Conferences

Since 1984, the Tulsa County Conservation District has held resource conferences to help educate the public about the conservation of natural resources. Past & Upcoming conferences include:

2022 OKR10 Stormwater Permit for Construction

2016: OKR10 Stormwater Permit for Construction

2015: OKR04 Industrial Stormwater Permit Compliance

2012: OKR10 Stormwater Permit for Construction

2010: Green for Infrastructure & Builders

2008: Going Greener with Low Impact Development

2007: Building A Greener Green County: A Sustainable Approach to Development

2006: Managing Natural Resources: Protecting Our Water(s)

2005: Building Tulsa’s Future: A River Runs Through II

2004: Stewardship of Urban Environment

2003: Stormwater Quality Phase II for Builders & Developers

2002: Stormwater Quality Phase II Conference

2001: EPA Tools for Watershed Management Workshop

2000: Stewardship of Tulsa’s Natural Resources

1999: Urban Ecology: Protecting Tulsa Area Resources

1998: Tulsa’s Challenge: Protecting Watersheds

1997: Managing Your Urban Lake